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100 Nights Endy Mattress Review

  • October 29, 2020
  • By admin

I can’t believe our kids have been sleeping on their Endy mattresses for 100 nights. Here’s our journey to find them perfect mattresses. 

How it all started

When we moved to our new home over a year ago, our son mentioned that his new mattress was really hard – we thought he just needed to get used to it. Fast forward a year later and he was still complaining about his mattress, but this time we took notice. My husband and I investigated and realized he was right – his mattress just wasn’t very comfortable (cue the mom guilt). 

There’s always so much going on that sometimes we miss things. Obviously I felt extremely guilty about his mattress and so I started to do some research. I read many positive reviews about Endy and at the end, we made the decision to go with them because: 

  • they are made & manufactured in Canada (supporting local Canadians!!)
  • the top layer their mattresses is a micro quilted cover – they are breathable and soft + removable and machine washable 
  • they are designed with foam that disperses and releases heat faster (my kids run hot, so this is perfect)
  • there’s a 100 night at-home trial (after failing on the first mattress, this is great to test it out before committing) 
  • their 10 Years Warranty
  • they have free shipping that is available to the 10 provinces in Canada

I was determined to get the right mattress for my son this time. To make sure that we didn’t do the same mistake twice, we got another twin mattress for our youngest one. She is definitely ready for a big girl’s bed and we wanted to make sure she’s got a comfortable mattress for a good night sleep. 

Unboxing the Endy Mattress and Pillows

It was easy to order the mattresses and pillows online – the shipping was quick and everything arrived in a few days! This was also during the pandemic, so I was really surprised to see everything on our doorstep in less than a week. Our kids were excited to see their new mattresses and they were super eager to open the boxes. Everything was so compact, it was easy moving the boxes upstairs to their rooms. The kids loved unboxing the Endy mattresses and their favourite moment was watching the mattresses rise up. 

The kids also had fun with customizing their pillows. They kept unzipping and zipping the pillows to remove and add shredded memory foam. It took a while to figure out what they liked.

First Night

My son had been looking forward to his Endy mattress since the day I told him he was getting one. However, he found the mattress a little too soft on the first night. When he told me this, I thought, this was going to be like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Luckily, they did mention it might take up to a week for the mattress to fully expand. My son had been sleeping on a hard mattress for quite a while, so any mattress would have been soft to him. I knew he needed time to adjust. 

First Week

After the first week, both of our kids couldn’t stop raving about their mattresses. I even tried to sneak in a few rests on them myself. I loved how the mattress just lets your body sink in, but also support it at the same time. It’d only been a week, but we already knew that we wouldn’t be sending the mattress back. They loved them and it even made me consider updating my own mattress. 

100 Nights

It’s been 100 nights and the kids have been sleeping soundlessly. The oldest has not complained about his mattress at all and it’s a nice feeling knowing that we made the right decision. Sleep is so important for kids so I’m glad they’re able to get some restful zzz’s in. 

As per the kids, “it’s comfortable, supportive, and soft.”

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Note: This post was written in partnership with Endy, but the review is my personal opinion. #EndyPartner #gifted #ad

By admin, October 29, 2020
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