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Going to school is a big part of life, and having the right things can make it much better! Whether you’re in elementary or high school, each student has different needs for learning. That’s where cool products come in, making school life more interesting and helping you do your best. So, whether it’s a trusty backpack, colorful pens, a handy planner, or tech gadgets, having the right gear can turn the daily school adventure into an exciting journey of learning and fun! We are excited to share with you products that may be perfect for your kids.

logo-nature-beesNature Bee
20 – 6782 Veyaness Road (View Map)
Victoria, British Columbia
Phone: 250-415-6392
Website / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

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Nature Bee Information
Nature Bee Beeswax Wraps is a small business located on Vancouver Island. We create reusable beeswax food wraps. We are passionate about supporting our community and helping others reduce their waste one wrap at a time.

Mabels LabelsHamiltonSchool Name Labels
Nature Bee (Gold)VictoriaBeeswax Wraps
Oliver’s Labels
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OnlineSchool Name Labels
The Natural Patch Co
Promo: Use code “VANCITYKIDS” for 10% off with some exceptions.
OnlineAllergies, Mosquitos, Wellness, etc. Patches

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