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The Best Playgrounds in Vancouver

  • May 11, 2022
  • By admin

Written by Emily from @playgroundsofvancouver and Annette from

Vancouver has many wonderful playgrounds and even though they’re not as big as other cities’, they’re still loaded with lots of things for kids to play with. Emily of @playgroundsofvancouver and myself have selected a few local playgrounds that we love very much.

China Creek North Park

Park Location: 1001 E 7th Avenue, Vancouver

Information about the Playground: 
This playground has a play structure with a built in hot-wheel track, a swing set and a climbing wall with a slide. The adjacent park has a perimeter track perfect for a quick walk or toddler-length bike ride. The rubber floor is great for little ones who are crawling or learning to walk. The best features are the climbing wall with five different choices for ascent and a big, fast slide to come back down. There is street parking and there’s a washroom at the roundabout (by VCC building).

Jones Park

Park Location: 5350 Commercial Street, Vancouver

Information about the Playground:
This is a wooden pirate ship themed playground with nearby swings. It has spinning, rocking and climbing options and has a small water feature in the sandbox area. There is lots of shade at this playground and it is attached to a park that has a perimeter path perfect for a bike or scooter break. There is street parking and washrooms.

Ash Park

Park Location: 8288 Ash St

Information about the Playground:
This playground is fairly unique with lots of opportunities for kids to climb around. It reminds me of an obstacle course that kids have to figure out. It’s a fairly new playground with a rubber ground and wood chips to pad any unfortunate falls. Overall, this playground might be better for older kids that enjoy climbing. Street parking is fairly easy to find, but there is no washroom nearby, so plan ahead.

Winona Park

Park Location: 7575 Columbia St

Information about the Playground:
This new playground has lots of things for kids to play – swings for all different age groups, one bumpy slide, one normal slide, a little trampoline and much more. This is the perfect playground for all ages. They have a rubber ground, washrooms, lots of green space and trees for shade. You can spend a whole day at this park. Parking was also easy to find.

Chaldecott Park

Park Location: 4175 Wallace St

Information about the Playground:
This an older playground, but it has so much to do. They have three slides, monkey bars, swings, and a spray waterpark during the summer. Everything is spread out, which is great because it’s not as crowded. The ground is wood chips, so if your kids don’t like sand / wood chips in their shoes, wear runners. There’s washrooms, lots of green area for picnics, and big trees for shade. They have table and benches too which is why I have seen many families hold parties at this park. There’s so much space and things for kids to do, that it’s the perfect park to spend the day.

‎sθeqəlxenəm ts’exwts’áxwí7 – Rainbow Park

Park Location: 872 Richards St

Information about the Playground:
‎sθeqəlxenəm ts’exwts’áxwí7 – Rainbow Park is a beautiful new playground located right in the downtown area. Though we don’t usually go downtown, we were there to pick up a few things, so I knew I had to bring the kids here and they loved this playground! The playground has two slides, one rolling slide, a circle swing and lots of places to climb. There are many benches you can sit with your coffee to watch the kids play. They also have a walkway upstairs with a walking net which is also great. This is definitely one of our favourite parks and we can’t wait to bring the kids back (especially when the Kafka’s Coffee in the park opens up).

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By admin, May 11, 2022
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