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Mooncakes in Metro Vancouver 2022

  • August 24, 2022
  • By admin

The Mid-Autumn Festival is happening next month and local bakeries are busy creating mooncakes to celebrate the festival. Here is our list of local bakeries that are making mooncakes. Preorder your mooncakes before their sold out!

Buttermere Patisserie

Mid-Autumn Festival, a centuries-old tradition deeply valued by Asian cultures around the world. Known as a time of the Harvest Moon, where the moon is believed to be shining its brightest, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important celebration in Chinese culture. It is a time where families unite from far and wide to enjoy an indulgent meal, admire the bright full moon, light ceremonial lanterns, and share sweet delicacies of the occasion: mooncake.

FLAVOUR : Each set contains 6 flavours (50g /per)

  • Jade Hare (玉兔) – Earl Grey Orange
  • Marigold (萬壽菊) – Ube & Taro
  • Plum Blossom (梅花) – Strawberry Cream Cheese
  • Hua-Chuan (花窗) – Coconut Latte
  • Auspicious Cloud (祥雲) – Sesame Macadamia
  • Mid-Autumn (中秋) – Durian

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As a kaleidoscope of colors and lanterns bob and sway in the cool night air, the moon holds forth bold and bright. A tea to carry you far into the night as the stars glimmer in the celestial heaven. TWG Tea celebrates the Mid-autumn festival with an exquisite Immortal Moon Tea Mooncake Collection.

Young Leaves of TWG Tea white tea and green tea infuse with soft, ripe berries, sending curls of sweet fragrance into the air. Gleaming in the vivid hues of green and gold, the Immortal Moon Tea from the Haute Couture Tea Collection is an ethereal cup of tea to pair with TWG Tea’s selection of traditional and snowskin mooncakes ingeniously woven with signature teas.

Reimaging timeless traditional with modernity, TWG Tea has passionately conceived these edible fantasies to narrate the story of the constellations. A rich and enduring patisserie, the mooncake is a constellation of flavors and an epicurean delights infused with a scattering of tea leaves that will intrigue and inspire.

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Tea Purin

We launched our tea-inspired snowskin mooncakes for the first time last year and it was loved by many customers. All our mooncakes are created from scratch and contain 3 layers: our tea-infused nama choco core, rich flavoured custard, and mochi snow skin. Everything is made fresh the day of pickup, so it’s a special chance for customers to try our fresh snowskin mooncakes.

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Chez Christophe

Our 1st time participating in the Mid Autumn Festival!  Our twist on Moon Cake: green tea chantily cream, red bean and joconde roulade  Only available from Sept 1st to 10th at both locations. Pre-order now! (Contains almond and gluten) Liquor free. 

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Paragon Tea Room

Experience the delicate balance of Modernity & Tradition x East & West in every bite of our artisanal Tea-Infused Mooncakes brought to you by our talented collab bakers Salty Sugar Patisserie! They have managed to re-create the semi dense and moist texture of traditional mooncakes without using lard/ lotus seed paste, but instead with our tea and a unique matching custard. Back by popular demand, we’ve kept the LAVA tea centrepiece concept this year with a NEW flavour for our ROJO fans! 

Each box of mooncake includes one of each of the following flavours:

  • Matcha Black Sesame Lava
  • Hojicha Salted Egg
  • Salted Kinako Genmaicha Lava
  • Osmanthus Jasmine Green Tea Lava *NEW*
  • Thai Tea Frangipane
  • Tangerine Pu-erh Chocolate Lava

Preservative Free | Handcrafted Locally | Made with Paragon Tea. Shelf Life: 4 hours at room temperature/ 7 days in fridge/ 1 month in freezerThis product is available to pick up in store until Oct 15th, 2022, or can be shipped within BC.

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Level V Bakery

Vegan Mooncakes! Flavours: Red Bean, Matcha Red Bean, Ube, TaroPack of 4 mooncakes for $24Available only on Saturdays until September 10th. Can pre-order the 4 pack on our website or available individually in store. 

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By admin, August 24, 2022
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