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Mooncakes in Metro Vancouver 2023

  • September 7, 2023
  • By admin

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival is just around the corner. Family and friends celebrate the festivals with mooncakes. Mooncakes are rich pastries with various fillings, including sweet and savory options. They are often enjoyed with tea and are symbolic of unity and togetherness, as families and friends gather to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. We are excited to share with you a list of places in Metro Vancouver that have moon cakes!


Teapurin is offering snowskin mooncakes made with 3 Japanese teas flown directly from Japan: Matcha from Uji Kyoto, Houjicha from Uji Kyoto, and Kocha (Japanese black tea used to make royal milk tea) from Shimane prefecture. Their snowskin mooncakes contain a rich tea-infused nama-choco core inside strong tea custard, wrapped over mochi skin. From making the custard to steaming the mochi skin, everything is made fresh from scratch without preservatives on the day of pickup, so Teapurin hopes customers get a chance to see what freshly made snowskin mooncakes taste like! The prices are $63 for a 6-piece mooncake gift set, $45 for 4 pieces, and $23 for 2 pieces.

For more information:

Chez Christophe Chocolaterie

Our twist on Moon Cake: Paragon Premium Matcha green tea mousse with a centre of red bean paste rolled in an almond spongeNote: Needs to be refrigerated. Only available from Sept 21st to 30th at both locations.(Contains almond and gluten) Liquor free. 

Our price is $8.25 per individual sized cake.

For more information: cakes-and-tarts/products/moon-cake

DaanGo Cake Lab 

DaanGo Cake Lab coming from Toronto and started by MASTERCHEF Christopher Siu. Our Vancouver location is co-owned by 2 master chef’s Christopher Siu and David Jorge. DaanGo will be offering 2 different types of MoonCakes this year on our first year coming to the West Coast!

We offer both the Traditional Moon Cakes ($48.00) as well as the Snow Skin Moon Cake ($58.00). For our Snow Skin Moon Cakes we offer 2 options; one without durian and one with durian.

1 x
 🍵 Matcha Yuzu Pistachio (yuzu jelly, matcha pastry cream, pistachio croquant
1 x 🍫 Jamocha Nut (almond gianduja, jamocha filling, almond crunchy
1 x 🦔 Premium Durian (D24 premium durian, durian filling, caramel crunchy
1 x 🥚 Coconut Salted Egg Yolk (yolk lava filling, salted egg yolk, milk crunchy)

1 x
 🍵 Matcha Yuzu Pistachio (yuzu jelly, matcha pastry cream, pistachio croquant
1 x 🍫 Jamocha Nut (almond gianduja, jamocha filling, almond crunchy
2 x 🥚 Coconut Salted Egg Yolk (yolk lava filling, salted egg yolk, milk crunchy)

For more information:

Paragon Tea Room

Indulge yourself in the perfect blend of modernity and tradition across cultures with our one of a kind Tea-Infused Lava Mooncakes, a collaboration with our talented friends at Salty Sugar Patisserie!

Without using any lard or lotus seed paste, Salty Sugar still manages to recreate the semi-dense, moist texture whilst integrating fragrant tea notes seamlessly with indulgent lava richness! Back by popular demand, we’ve kept the LAVA tea centrepiece concept this year with a NEW salted egg yolk lava! 

Each box of mooncakes includes one of each of the following flavours:

  • Matcha Black Sesame Lava
  • Hojicha Salted Egg Lava *NEW
  • Salted Kinako Genmaicha Lava
  • Osmanthus Jasmine Green Tea Lava 
  • Thai Tea Salted Egg *NEW
  • Tangerine Pu-erh Chocolate Lava

Preservative Free | Handcrafted Locally | Limited Quantities 

Shelf Life: 4 hours at room temperature/ 7 days in fridge/ 1 month in freezer

This product is available to pick up in store starting Sept 4th, 2023, or can be shipped within Greater Vancouver. For more information:

Rice Cake Master

The innovative team behind Rice Cake Master is thrilled to announce the return of the snow skin mooncakes. The Jade Mooncake Collection features the iconic festive delicacy adorned with a soft, mochi-like glutinous skin, resembling the exquisite brilliance of jade gemstones. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival holds a special place for all Chinese individuals. It’s a time of gratitude for the abundant summer harvest, a chance to cherish loved ones, and an occasion to marvel at the grandeur of the moon when it’s at its fullest and brightest. This year, the festival falls on September 29, marked by feasting, family reunions, and the exchange of mooncakes.

Snow Skin Mooncakes exemplify the imaginative spirit of the rice cake masters. The fusion of traditional Chinese mooncakes and mochi has gained familiarity around the world with mooncake flavors paired with the delightful bounce of its glutinous covering.

This year, the Jade Mooncake Collection by Rice Cake Master or 南大門翡翠冰皮月餅 is $45 each and contains four mooncakes in four different flavours:

  • Matcha Red Bean Cranberry 抹茶紅豆蔓越莓冰皮月餅
  • Raspberry & Yoghurt 酸奶樹莓冰皮月餅
  • Black Sesame & Red Bean 黑芝麻紅豆冰皮月餅
  • Taro & Salted Egg Yolk 芋泥鹹蛋黃冰皮月餅

For more information:

Wild Sweets

This Limited Release Series Chocolate ‘Mooncakes’ is an ‘East-Meets-West’ collection that is custom designed and hand-crafted for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. Inspired on the Japanese ‘Mochi’ [sweet Japanese cakes made with glutinous rice flour (mochiko)] with its somewhat ‘chewy’ texture and soft cooked filling combined with our French based chocolate-making techniques. We offer 2 options based either on a dark or white chocolate filling.

Our Dark Chocolate ‘Mooncakes’ Series features a soft mochi-like ‘skin’ component, a novel buttery egg custard filling made with different liquor as the only liquid. And lastly, a single origin cocoa bean to bar soft dark chocolate ganache also made with the same liquor as the only liquid. Specifically, the collection features the following assortment of fillings;

  • Kahlua liquor egg custard | Peru Ucayali single origin BTB ganache | Vanilla chocolate ‘Mochi Skin’
  • Benedictine liquor egg custard | Ecuador Camino Verde single origin BTB ganache | Vanilla chocolate ‘Mochi Skin’
  • Tia Maria egg custard | Tanzania Kokoa Kamilli single origin BTB ganache | Vanilla chocolate ‘Mochi Skin’
  • Baileys liquor egg custard | Dominican Republic Orzal single origin BTB ganache | Vanilla chocolate ‘Mochi Skin’

Our White Chocolate ‘Mooncakes’ Series also features a soft mochi-like ‘skin’ component, a novel buttery egg custard filling made with Canada’s liquid gold as the only liquid and blended with a mixed nut paste and a creamy white chocolate. Specifically, this collection features the following filling;

BC-Local Okanagan Valley Icewine egg custard | Roasted sesame, macadamia, white chocolate paste | Vanilla ‘Mochi Skin’

For more information: chocolate-mochi-egg-custard-moon-cake-designer


Chez Christophe
Level V Bakery
Little Flower Company
L’otus Cake Boutique
Maxim Bakery
Paragon Tea Room
Rice Cake Master
Saint Germain Bakery
Tea Purin
TWG Tea Canada
Wild Sweets

You can also find moon cakes at your local grocery stores like T&T Supermarket and Sungiven Foods.

Don’t forget to check out our directory for a list of family activities, local family photographers, birthday venues, kids lessons, etc:

By admin, September 7, 2023
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