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Metro Vancouver Events: Theatre Under the Stars

  • July 13, 2022
  • By admin

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Last week, I attended the preview for both Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS): “Something Rotten!” and “We Will Rock You” Musical. This is the third time that we have attended a production by Theatre Under the Stars and I forgot how much I love musicals. I attended “Something Rotten!” with a friend and I “We Will Rock You” with the family. For both nights, we had the TUTS VIP treatment – which was awesome! We got to check out their private reception area and received complimentary charcuterie boxes from Savoury Chef.

rock with me

About “Something Rotten!” Musical

We really enjoyed “Something Rotten!”. The cast did an amazing job and it was as entertaining and hilarious as expected. The 2.5 hours went by so fast. I really liked the story line from beginning to end and though I didn’t see many kids at the show, I think older kids will enjoy it. There is some sexual innuendo, but most young kids probably wouldn’t be able to pick it up. I think older kids would enjoy the show more, but younger kids will probably like the silliness too. If you’re thinking of a date night, I definitely recommend going to “Something Rotten!”

“In the streets of Elizabethan England, William Shakespeare is a Renaissance rock star while playwright siblings Nick and Nigel Bottom are stuck in his shadow.

Desperate to write a hit show, the Bottom brothers enlist the aid of a mysterious soothsayer who foresees they can beat the Bard’s success by creating a brand new form of theatre… the musical!”

About “We Will Rock You” Musical

My family loves Queen, so when I heard about “We Will Rock You,” I knew the kids would love the show. There were so many families there! Queen’s songs are hard to sing and I felt most of the cast nailed it – especially their main star. They really tried to get the crowd going and singing along to the music. There were so many wonderful Queen songs and I could spot my kids smiling when they recognize the tunes. I wasn’t a huge fan of the storyline, but if you’re a Queen fan, you’re really there to listen to their songs. The show is suitable for most kids. There are some minor swear words, sexual innuendo and intimacy. I feel like most of those parts went over my 8 years old’s head and she didn’t catch most of them. It’s an entertaining musical that makes you go home and listen to more of Queen’s music.

It is 300 years in the future. A post-apocalyptic world is ruled by the Globalsoft Corporation and its sinister leader Killer Queen. But a pair of dreamers – Galileo and Scaramouche – are ready to ‘break free’ from this control and mount a rock-and-roll fuelled revolution!

Featuring more than 20 hits from Queen’s iconic songbook including ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘We Are the Champions’, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’, and many more – the fist-pumping, foot-stomping anthem to individuality arrives in Stanley Park having rocked more than 16 million audience members around the globe!”

What we learned from our experience at Theatre Under the Stars:

  • Blankets: We brought blankets for the kids and we’re so glad we did as it gets pretty cool at night once the sun sets
  • Snacks: I knew we were able to bring snacks for the kids, so I brought a lot of snacks for them to eat throughout the show. I’m so glad I did as they ate them all! If you do forget to bring your own, you can buy food and snacks there.
  • Parking: We went almost an hour early so it’d be easier to find parking. There are so many things to do at Stanley Park that I didn’t mind going earlier. It was better than not being able to find parking
  • Naps: It’s definitely a late night. If you’re bringing little ones, I would make sure they nap beforehand. I use to get the little one to nap before we attended TUTS and she’s usually great throughout the show.
  • Washrooms: I made sure everyone went to the washroom before we went inside. They have porta-potties up on the hills, but I can’t imagine trying to squish into one with the little one. You can also wait until intermission and go outside to the washrooms. That would probably be easier as they’re bigger, especially with a little one.
  • Extra Clothes: I brought extra clothes incase she couldn’t make it to the washroom in time. We didn’t have to use it, but I came prepared.
  • Mosquitos: I also forgot to bring any mosquito repellent this time. Luckily, no one was bitten, but I think I would put some on for the kids next time, just in case.
  • Booster Seat: My kids are old enough now that they don’t need booster seats. But if you have younger kids, a booster seat may be helpful. This will give your child a little boost so they can see the stage better.

It’s been years since we got to enjoy a musical and was so happy to attend musicals again. The tickets are selling out and would recommend booking yours soon. Use our code “VancityKids10” to get $10 off tickets.

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By admin, July 13, 2022
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