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Top 5 Playgrounds in Victoria, British Columbia

  • October 18, 2022
  • By admin

Written by @victoriakidsplay

Courthouse Playground

Location: 850 Burdett Ave, Victoria

The courthouse playground is our favourite downtown playground. Built by Habitat Systems with inclusive features like rubber surface and 2 accessible swing types. Also featuring a toddler structure, climbing equipment and a slide. Located in the heart of downtown Victoria.

Gyro Beach Playground

Location: 2640 Sinclair Road, Victoria, (15 minutes from downtown)

Located on the white sandy beaches of Cadboro Bay. This park features older Victoria iconic painted stone structures: loch ness monster, octopus and whale as well as an accessible ship with steering wheel and plank. Recently a zip line and pirate treasure island was added. 

McCormick Meadows Playground

Location: 3564 Honeycrisp Ave, Langford (30 minutes from downtown)

Built by habitat systems this playground is universally accessible. It has an inclusive rubber surface, accessible zip line and spinner. Also great for toddlers who like to escape because it is sunken and has a winding ramp to exit.

Elk Lake Nature Playground

Location: Hamsterly Beach, Elk Lake

Located at Elk Lake this playground is perfect for a full day of entertainment. This playground incorporates the natural elements of logs, grass and wood chips. The toddler structure has a tunnel and slide combination. There is also a gravel pit with log benches, balancing structure, 3 large climbing structures and a hillside slide.

Westhills Playground

Location: 3245 West Shore Parkway, Langford (30 minutes from downtown)

Toddler structure, baby swings, large structure for 5+ with 3 slides including 2 tunnels slides and a nature trail with duck pond.

Victoria PlaygroundAbout @victoriakidsplay
@victoriakidsplay is a YYJ mom living in Victoria, BC. She shares the best places to play on Vancouver Island. Message her for a kids guide for your next trip to the Island. 



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By admin, October 18, 2022
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