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Chatting with Toy Share Experience

  • July 22, 2021
  • By admin
Chatting with Toy Share Experience

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About Toy Share Experience

Toy Share Experience rent toys for kids up to 5 years old. It´s a business that represents a circular economy model because toys are used by different families.

What inspired you to start Toy Share Experience?

When we become parents we want to pamper our children by giving them all the toys and we usually overdo it without thinking that our children don’t need as many toys.

Our kids play little time with toys and leave them as new. Children grow up fast and their gaming needs are changing, and so unused toys are piled in a corner at home and often end up in the trash. 

Thinking about all this, we firmly believe that we must break the trend of consumerism. That is why TSE was born, where you can rent toys for the time that your child will really enjoy without saturating the spaces of your house. Also, by renting toys, we contribute to have a better environment by re-using toys in several homes making more children happy.

boy smiling with toy

How does Toy Rental work? 

You can rent toys for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.


You can register for a Subscription Plan for changing toys on a monthly basis as follows:

  • Monthly payment.- You can choose 4 toys of your selection every month for $ 35 each month.
  • Three-monthly payment.- You can choose 5 toys of your selection every month with an initial payment of $ 105.
  • Six-monthly payment.- You can choose 6 toys of your selection every month with an initial payment of $ 210.

What is Toy Swap?

With the Swap service parents can give us their old toys and receive coupons to rent new ones from us. Toys need life. Don´t let them just sit in a corner. Bring them to our store or contact us to pick them up.

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What type of toys do you carry? 

All of our toys are educational and will help your kids to promote different skills. On our web page, you can find a Developmental Skill Chart done by an external Mental Health and Development child specialist that shows each of our toys’ skills.

Is there such a thing as too many toys?

“Too many toys in a household is not a good idea. In fact, young children have a limited ability to make choices and decisions. Overwhelmed with many options, they start developing avoiding behaviours which means they stop playing with most of the toys they own. Having too many options will trigger a certain anxiety in your child, which would make them disengage from the activity of playing altogether. Tens of toys around them will eat up their space and distract their visual attention with too many details and stimuli” Read the full article written by Rindala Semaan at:


What advice do you have for parents to become greener parent? 

Becoming a greener parent means that you should direct your day’s actions toward avoiding consumerism and polluting the environment. Everybody can contribute with a grain of sand.

We love that your business model is to reduce consumer waste and make a greener planet. We would love to learn more on your future plans. 

We would love to see that more kids enjoy our toys and are used to share toys to support our circular economy model.

We dream of being able to make alliances with other businesses that also have a circular economy model. Don´t forget that this business model exists also in other countries like England, New Zealand, Australia, India, etc. because humans care about the environment.

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By admin, July 22, 2021