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Valentine’s Day 2021

  • February 4, 2021
  • By admin
Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and here are a list of fun activities to do with your family and / or partner.

Valentine’s Day Special Dinner Menu (Eat in or Take out)

Many restaurants have created special Valentine’s Day menu to dine in or take out. The list ranges from a fancy three or five course menu to fried chicken. Areta from Foodgressing has compiled an extensive list of  these restaurants offering special dinner options:

Valentine’s Day Dessert 

There are special desserts made for Valentine’s Day such as Cupcakes Valentine’s Day flavours “Sweet Heart,” “Amore Mint” and “Pink Hawaii.” These flavours are in their mini packs too – perfect for the family. We are also obsessing over Thierry’s Romeo and Juliet cakes and Butter.mere’s Love Note and Be My Valentine heart rose cake. Chocolate shops have special chocolates for Valentine’s Day like Beta 5 and their Valentine’s polygon bar bundle. You can also order Valentine’s Day cookies from Cookievonster! We’re already planning on ordering their DIY Valentine’s Day Cookie Kit to make with the kids. For those that aren’t fans of sweets, I’ve seen many gorgeous charcuterie boxes you can get from places like Charcuterie Vancouver and Spread Event Co


Cameo is an online site where you can book your favourite star to do a personalized video shout-out to whomever you want. I recently got a Cameo sent to my friend for her 40th birthday – it was fun and her reaction was priceless. Right now, there is special promotions for certain stars. If you know your other half is a huge fan of someone on cameo, this would be a wonderful surprise!! 


You can never take too many photos! Time flies by so quickly, so it’s nice to capture the moments. If you’re thinking of doing a Photography session, you can check out our photography list:

Princess Surprise 

Do you remember telegrams when you were in high school? Wouldn’t it be nice if you received one now? Imagine the kids reaction when they see a princess at the door singing to you! Well, Fairest Skye Parties and Pacific Fairytales both have telegrams packages. How fun would it be to get one! 

Flowers or Plants

Flowers or plants never fails. Sunflower Florist currently have gorgeous Tulips Arrangement and Enchanted Atelier Decor has Bucket Arrangements and wrapped Bouquets – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Be Creative

Have fun with the day! You can do a scavenger hunt, make breakfast in bed, watch a movie, do a puzzle or play a game. Be creative and have fun!!

At the end, Valentine’s Day is about being with the one you love. I am excited to spend it with my family. I know the kids will want to watch “A Charlie Brown Valentine,” and have hot chocolate with mini cupcakes on the side. We’ll probably spend the day decorating cookies and end the day with a movie. That’s my perfect Valentine’s Day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Note: Vancity Weddings currently have a list of Valentine’s day promotions and special. You can visit the list here:

By admin, February 4, 2021
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