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The Best Playgrounds in the Fraser Valley

  • May 11, 2021
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The Fraser Valley, located just a few minutes outside of Vancouver, is home to some of the most exciting and unique playgrounds in BC! After visiting countless parks all over the region, we’ve rounded up 5 amazing spots that not only boast AMAZING playgrounds, but also plenty of other amenities (like bathrooms, splash parks, and outdoor pools!) that make for the perfect family outing. Read on to discover our picks for the top playgrounds in the Fraser Valley!

Memorial Park in Delta

Got a toddler who likes to ‘wander’? Memorial Park in Delta has not just one, but TWO fenced playgrounds! And THREE playgrounds in total! All are within eye sight of one another.

Playground 1 is made of natural materials and surrounded by a wooden fence. There is a huge log for climbing, a wooden climbing structure with slide, a wooden playhouse and baby swings!

Playground 2 is for bigger kids. It includes more challenging climbing features and steeper, taller slides.

Playground 3 is another fenced toddler playground. It features toddler-sized teeter-totters, bouncers, slides and gravel ground cover.

Memorial park also features:

  • A splash park for summertime
  • A bike skills ‘track’ for little riders
  • Picnic tables and a picnic shelter
  • Bathrooms
  • Sports fields

Memorial Park is located at 5010 47 Avenue in Ladner.

For more information about Memorial Park, click here.

Unwin Park in Surrey

Unwin Park in Surrey is an absolute MUST VISIT destination for families in the lower mainland. The playground is HUGE and wheelchair accessible, which also means it is perfect for toddlers!

Some of our favourite features at Unwin Park include:

  • The accessible carousel
  • Unique tower climber
  • Toddler climbing structure & slide
  • Giant musical chimes & drums
  • Face to face swing
  • Variety of slides, including a roller slide
  • Spray park & outdoor pool in summer
  • Public bathrooms, sports fields and walking paths within the park

Unwin Park is located at 13313 – 68th Avenue in Surrey.

For more information about Unwin Park, click here.

Dino Park in Langley

Have a dinosaur lover in your house?! Check out this Dino themed playground in Langley!

It features:

  • A giant T-Rex head on top of the climbing structure
  • A dinosaur ‘spine’ makes up one of the climbing walls
  • Giant Dino eggs to climb in
  • Lots of climbing/bouldering walls
  • Unique features like a giant spinner, face-to-face swing, & wooden climbing area
  • A fun little creek, wooded area & paths just behind the park
  • A splash pad & outdoor pool in summer!

Dino Park is located at 4930 205a St in Langley City.

Willoughby Community Park in Langley

If you’re looking for an amazing toddler playground, you NEED to check this one out!

The playground at Willoughby Community Park was a WIN with my 2 year old. He must’ve climbed up and slid down the tall swirly slide 20 times while we were there. And there are so many more things we love about this park:

  • The playground surface is made of soft, squishy turf
  • The playground is fenced almost all the way around. There is one small opening facing away from the parking lot
  • There is a set of stairs to get up to the tall swirly slide so even really little ones can get up independently
  • The swirly slide is super tall but not super fast so it’s both exciting & safe for toddlers
  • There is a smaller toddler structure with two shorter slides
  • A climbing web, rock wall & other fun climbing features for the bigger kids
  • Public bathrooms
  • Splash park for the hot summer months
  • Tons of sports fields and a sheltered picnic area

Willoughby Community Park is located in the 7700 block 202A Street in Langley.

For more information about Willoughby Community Park, click here.

Harrison Hot Springs Park in Harrison Hot Springs

Talk about a playground with a VIEW. This park is set right on the sandy beach in Harrison Hot Springs, BC and features an incredible view of the lagoon, mountains and Harrison Lake.

The playground has a ship theme and is actually made up of two smaller structures. It features:

  • A big kid climbing structure with monkey bars, rope ladders, and three slides!
  • A toddler structure with a tunnel as well as several smaller climbing features and slides
  • Lots of baby and big kid swings
  • Public bathrooms
  • Proximity to the sandy beach, several family friendly hiking/walking routes and many restaurants

Harrison Hot Springs is about a 1.5 hour drive east of Vancouver. It makes a great destination for a day trip or combine your visit with a stay & soak at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort for a local mini vacation!

Harrison Hot Springs Park is located at 378 Esplanade in Harrison Hot Springs.

For more information about Harrison Hot Spring Park, click here.

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