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Sleep Tips for Every Family

  • May 8, 2023
  • By admin

Written by Georgina from Woodlands Collective

Sleep has become such a polarized and emotive topic. But it doesn’t need to be! Sleep support should empower you with the knowledge and support to be confident so that you can thrive in your parenting journey. Sleep support should respect and work alongside your unique goals, values, needs, family and lifestyle. There is not one best way, one best method.  You know your baby best, listen to your own intuition and be a critical consumer of information. Sleep Support should help you understand why and how sleep happens, as well as what you can do to best support your child’s sleep and your own rest.

Regardless of your sleep needs, preferences, approach, and views on sleep there are steps you can take to optimize your child’s sleep. Setting the foundation of consistent sleep practices is key.

Bedtime Routine

  • Starting a bedtime routine early makes a big difference
  • Routine can be very simple: put on pajamas, get into sleep sack, dim lights, turn on white noise machine, sing a song, and feed/rock to sleep
  • A consistent bedtime routine is associated with better sleep outcomes, including: earlier bedtime, shorter sleep onset latency, reduced night wakings, and increased sleep duration.

Assess Sleep Environment

  • Use white noise for sleep (daytime naps and overnight)
  • Keep sleep space as dark as possible (ideally you can’t see your hand)
  • Sleep space should be around 18-20C
  • Ensure there are no mobiles above sleep space (the space should be boring, so not to stimulate or distract)
  • Use a sleep sack, which helps ensure they are warm enough but it also becomes a lovely sleep association

Tweak Wake Times

  • Use age-based wake windows as a guide
  • Your baby may need less/more
  • Every 3-4 weeks stretch wake time by 15 min
  • Sleep pressure (the feeling that increases the longer your baby is awake) is needed to fall asleep easily

My Favourite Tips

For Infants

  • Support sleep: baby wearing, contact naps, stroller, car, etc.
  • Keep awake periods short in newborn stage
  • Expose baby to lots of natural daylight for the first few weeks (even during naps) to help with day/night confusion
  • Wake baby after 2 hours of sleep during the day to feed, to maximize daytime calorie intake

For Toddlers

  • Have a consistent wake-up time
  • Time nap start time to take advantage for natural sleep windows (9-10am & 12-2pm)
  • Toddlers thrive on consistency and routine
  • Bedtime routine should be calm, focus on connection & holding space for their emotions
Mom and her kidsAbout Georgina from Woodlands Collective
I am Georgina: a lover of sleep, a mum of two, registered social worker, sleep consultant, and founder of Woodlands Collective. We offer perinatal counselling and sleep support. Woodlands Collective was founded as a space to connect, gain support & thrive. My approach to sleep is holistic, evidence based, collaborative and bespoke. My goal is to empower parents with knowledge and support them without judgement or shame. I support parents to find an approach to sleep and parenting that they align with, co-creating support best suited to them.

Follow her accounts:
Instagram: @woodlands.collective.sleep
Website: Woodlands Collective

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By admin, May 8, 2023
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