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Pet Rescue Society

  • April 20, 2021
  • By admin
Pet Rescue Society

A few weeks ago, we expanded our family with two adorable guinea pigs! Although we knew we weren’t ready for a puppy, we thought two guinea pigs would be a wonderful experience for the kids to learn how to take care of a pet. We got the guinea pigs at a local pet store but it wasn’t until later that we realized that we could have adopted guinea pigs at a local pet rescue society. You can also use Petfinder to find pets near you.

We have connected with a few local pet rescue societies so you can learn more about them. They have a variety of adorable pets looking for their forever home. I know many people are getting pets during the pandemic so maybe you’ll find your pet with them. If you know more local pet rescue societies, we would love to add them to our list.


HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society

Founded in 2003, HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society is a community of volunteers committed to rescue, advocacy and outreach for block-headed dogs.  We partner with local shelters and rescue organizations to take in dogs who would benefit from our foster program, and ultimately match them with loving, forever homes.

We advocate for ethical rescue, the responsible guardianship of all breeds and for evidence-based, breed-neutral laws. Through our outreach programs, we provide public education, spay and neuter initiatives and general support to communities in an effort to build a brighter future for both dogs and their guardians.

HugABull is a registered charity and we depend solely on your donations and support. While we are based in the Lower Mainland, we are proud to serve the entire province of BC.

Learn More.


Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS)

The Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) is a no-kill animal-serving organization. RAPS operates Canada’s largest cat sanctuary — home to hundreds of mostly unadoptable animals — an adoption centre, a chain of thrift stores and the full service, not-for-profit RAPS Animal Hospital. The hospital has provided millions of dollars in partially or fully subsidized care for animals in households with low incomes or facing other challenges. RAPS also operates a Pet Food Bank and advocates for policies that help animals and people. RAPS is a place where young people, elders, families and people of all ages and identities come together over a shared commitment to animal welfare. We depend on hundreds of deeply devoted volunteers to deliver individualized care to every animal. 

Join us at

For more information about our not-for-profit veterinary facility:


RainCoast Dog Rescue Society

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society is a very dedicated non profit animal rescue that focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating  unwanted, stray, shelter, abused, misplaced, and neglected dogs and and cats from all across Canada and the world. We also strive to help support and educate others in our community with animals, and even around the world, with things such as vetting and supplies. This is called our RainCoast PET Project. We are also proud to be working to educate the youth by going into schools to offer a presentations. We are passionate about helping create safer communities with all inclusive bylaws and science based polices for all breeds and people to be welcome. It’s also our honor to be have been working closely for years now with First Nations communities as a team to help bring education, awareness, animals bylaws, vetting and spay and neuter clinics to the communities. We have traveled around the world and back and believe that all people and animals have the right to be treated equally, humanely and shown compassion. 

For everyone may not have the power to help an animal or human, but we all hold the power not to hurt one. 

Learn more.


Fur Bae Rescue

Qatar x Fur Bae


Laura began volunteering at respectable shelters in Doha! There are many shelters in Doha that have opened their doors to help stray and abandoned animals. These shelters provide temporary homes to literally hundreds of animals looking for new families.

There are SO MANY DOGS needing homes in Qatar and hey, wouldn’t you know, a lot of West Coast homes have their doors wide open. Now there’s a path to a better life for these dogs, and an opportunity for FUR BAE to help Doha-based shelters continue the amazing work they do. 

From desert digs to Pacific NW hikes … imagine.

All of our dogs’ behaviour has been assessed by Laura, who has eight years experience in this sector, and each dog receives a full behavioural report. Dogs who sadly are not fit for foster or adoption will either be taken in by Laura for one-on-one work, or will remain in the shelter until their journey can be figured out. Any dogs with special needs or behavioural requirements will be thoroughly communicated to any potential fosters or adopters. 

Learn More.

PB & Chi Dog Rescue Society

PB & Chi Dog Rescue Society is a foster based dog resue that that helps dogs from all over the world by primarily Canada, US, and Mexico, from being neglected, improperly cared for, dealing with homelessness, or facing euthanasia. We bring them to BC where we provide them with a loving foster home, proper nutrition, medical care, and rehabilitation with training, until they are ready to meet their perfect furever home. Once a pup is ready we start looking for the home that is the perfect match for them to be their furever home.

Learn More.

By admin, April 20, 2021
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