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OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair

  • February 23, 2023
  • By admin

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For the past few years, our family has been on a physical and mental health journey, so we were thrilled to be invited by OSIM in Metropolis at Metrotown to try their new OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair. As we’ve aged, my husband and I are really feeling the stress our body endures on a daily basis from working to taking care of the kids, so self care has been a goal of ours to find ways to improve our health.

Due to the pandemic, we have not visited our massage therapists, and so we started looking into purchasing a massage chair. I have read and heard about the many benefits of using massage chairs for both your mental and physical health. Since many of my friends have OSIM products and rave about them, I reached out to OSIM to learn more about their products and the opportunity to try the OSIM uLove3 came up. The functions in the OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair are very impressive as it combines advanced technology with ergonomic design to provide a comfortable and rejuvenating experience. We are happy to share with you our experience and the features in the OSIM uLove3.

OSIM uLove3 AI Stress Analysis

The OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair is equipped with AI stress analysis technology. Before starting your massage, it will measure your body tension. This is done by placing your hands on the arm rest where the sensors will analyze your body tension and stress level. On the day that I visited, my body must have been tense because my score was 74, which is on the higher side of the tension scale. I wasn’t completely surprised as my body has always been more tense. I really liked how the chair is able to give me this information by analyzing my body tension. This is a great reminder for me to find ways on a daily basis to decrease my body tension.

The AI Stress Analysis also monitors your heart rate and respiratory rate to give you a holistic view of your health. By having the analysis daily, you are able to get a better picture of ways that you can improve your health. Their app will also keep track of your daily analysis and through trend charts, you will be able to better understand your overall health. You can identify patterns and make lifestyle changes to improve your well-being. This can help you take a proactive approach to your health and prevent potential health problems before they occur.

Personalized Massage Programs

I love how the chair is able to personalize the massage based on your body tension score. This means that after the AI stress analysis, the chair will create the massage based on your needs. I have tried different types of massage chairs before and I remember trying to figure out what program to use. I like the fact that I can trust OSIM uLove3 to personalize the massage base on what I need and it is also designed by Japanese Chiropractic Massage Expert.

During the massage, OSIM uLove3 will select specific music based on your stress level. Using music in relaxation and stress reduction has been well-studied and can be very effective. This technique of music in combination with the massage can really help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and promote relaxation, allowing you to unwind and de-stress.

Specialized Massage Program

OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair also has the option to select specialized programs that are suitable for everyone in your family – from youths to seniors. The specialized massage programs use a combination of vibration, air compression, and heat to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience. I know my son would be happy to know that he just barely made the cut to use the chair. A massage would be good for him after playing sports or a long day in front of the computer. The chair would also be great for the grandparents to improve circulation and relieve any aches. It is great how the chair can cater to different life stages and can help improve everyone’s wellbeing.

OSIM uLove3 features

The OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair features several unique and patented technologies that set it apart from other wellness chairs. These include:

  • 4-Hand™ Plus Massage: provides a full-body massage experience with four hands, creating a more immersive and relaxing experience. It gives you the feeling that there are two masseuses massaging your upper and lower body at once.
  • 720° roller balls: to knead away neck & shoulder muscle knots
  • V-Hand™ Plus Massage (Patented): provides a customizable, targeted massage
  • Body-Warmth Tech (Patented): soothing warmth technology that can enhance circulation, helps to soothe muscles and provide comfort during the cold weather
  • Leg-Reflex Massage (Patented): targets the feet and legs to promote overall relaxation
  • Level of intensity: can be adjusted to match the individual’s needs and preferences

All these features make OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair a versatile and customizable solution for stress management and overall wellness. It can help to relieve muscle tension and pain, improve circulation, and boost overall physical comfort. Regular use of massage chairs has been shown to boost the immune system, increase flexibility, range of motion, and even improve sleep quality. The personalized approach of the OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair can help individuals effective manage their stress and improve their overall health and well-being. After trying the massage chair, I am very tempted to purchase one for the home. It’s definitely an investment, but they do have monthly payments to help with the cost.

There are many other massage chairs and wellness products offered by OSIM that provides many benefits. To test out any of the OSIM products, you can visit your nearest OSIM stores in Metro Vancouver (Aberdeen Mall, Metropolis at Metrotown, and Richmond Centre). If you are from out of BC, OSIM has many stores throughout Canada.

Everyone working at OSIM is very knowledgable and I recommend you trying the OSIM uLove3 Well-being Chair when you’re there. For more information:

You can also check out our IG Reel here: OSIM IG REEL

By admin, February 23, 2023
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