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Metro Vancouver Halloween Treats 2021

  • October 19, 2021
  • By admin

We connected with local vendors in Metro Vancouver and are excited to share their Halloween Treats on our blog. There is everything from cupcakes to cookies to chocolates. They all look amazing and some even quite spooky. We can’t wait to try them all!

If you’re looking for some fun Halloween activities, we got you covered. Check out our Metro Vancouver Halloween Activities 2021 post for a list of local activities happening this month!


Cupcakes is a place where you find the comforts of freshly baked goods and take a moment to pause and enjoy. We celebrate sunny days, rainy days, Mondays, Birthdays, and everything else in between. Our focus starts with a perfectly made treat, but our care continues beyond. It’s about friendship, positivity and connection.

We offer cupcakes and cakes. Our products are fresh and handmade daily from scratch. We never use preservatives and additives. And, we source only the best local ingredients whenever possible. To keep things fun, we always create seasonal flavours to try!


Cookievonster DIY cookie decorating kits consists of 12 buttery shortbread cookies, 4 colours of icing bags ready, sprinkles and also some unique home-made sprinkles for the easter theme. Its also included a couple of mini treats to enjoy while decorating your cookies. Shortbread Cookies are all made with only the highest quality and freshest ingredients, with no additives or preservatives, and lots of love.

Cookie – Butter, flour, cornstarch, sugars, Madagascar Vanilla, Himalayan pink sea salt.
Icing – Icing sugar, clear vanilla and food colouring.

Vancouver halloween cake

Trove Desserts

A little spooky, a little cute… and very delicious! These cakes will be the star of the show for any Halloween party.

The Details: 

  • 6 inch 3 layer cake (feeds approximately 10)
  • Cake flavour options include: chocolate or vanilla
  • Buttercream options include: vanilla with white chocolate ganache drip or chocolate with a semi-sweet chocolate ganache drip
  • Decorated with meringue ghosts and sprinkles
  • Available for pre-order only! Limited quantities available, order yours today while supplies last. 

Chez Christophe Chocolaterie

  • Halloween Showpiece “Mummy” – made entirely of 29% white chocolate with a 63.6% dark chocolate base
  • Halloween Showpiece “Jester” – made entirely of 29% white chocolate & 63.6% dark chocolate
  • Skull Lollipops – made of dark chocolate
  • Ghost Lollipops – made of milk chocolate  

Swiss Bakery

Halloween collection would be available from Oct 18th to Oct 29th

  • Spooky Mummy: The scrumptious sweet pastry with pumpkin filling decorated as the mummy is the perfect bite to calm you down from the scary Halloween days
  • Green Halloween Cupcake: Chocolate cupcake with green buttercream frosting decorated with some scary Halloween figurines.
  • Halloween Cookies: Feeling festive with these colourful cookies get ready to be thrilled with Pinwheel and Pumpkin pack of buttery and sweetened vanilla cookies 
  • Murdered Donut: A chubby glazed donut in a man shape is filled with strawberry jelly, decorated with chocolate and stabbed with a lollipop stick.
  • Witch Hat: It seems the witch lost control of her broomstick. The crash landing brings the regular ice cream cone covered with chocolate and black sugar and filled with candies.
  • Odd Whoopie: Strange creatures called “whoopie” are taking over Mt Pleasant. People said they saw a ghost with three little creatures close to the bakery. We suggest the community keep the precaution and report to the police. An odd whoopie is like a sandwich with two round pieces of soft chocolate cake and orange buttercream, decorated as a stranger individual with three eyes included.
  • PB Green Frissants: Halloween days bring paranormal situations to the bakery. Frissants are transformed in green colour with some creatures and bones over them. The peanut butter filling is a perfect matching for rainy, and festive days.

The Candy Room

The Candy Room is a one stop  Halloween Candy Central from Candy Corn, Haribo Gummy Bats , Saw Cherry flavored Lollipop  , Peeps Monsters& Zombies, Glow in the Dark Chocolate Wrappers and much more. 

Mink Chocolates

Spooky happens but once a year, and what better way to relive the days when you ran around the neighborhood in a pillow case pretending to be Caspar the Friendly Ghost, than with a limited edition collection from Mink Chocolates. We’re featuring two unique products this year: Skullduggery and Are You My Mummy?

Skullduggery flavours:Purple – Banana & Dark Chocolate Ganache
Green – Biscoff Cookie Butter and Dark Chocolate Ganache
Red – Vanilla Bean
Yellow – Extra Rich Milk Chocolate Ganache
Black – Raspberry Caramel

Are You My Mummy flavours:White Mummy – Strawberry
Black Goblin – S’mores

By admin, October 19, 2021
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