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Metro Vancouver Easter Treats 2023

  • March 30, 2023
  • By admin

Main Photo by Leila Kwok @leilalikes

Easter is a time of year when people all around the world celebrate. It’s also a time when people indulge in delicious treats and candies. From chocolate bunnies to pastel-colored eggs, there are plenty of Easter treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. We are excited to share our list of Easter treats from our local vendors.

For a list of Easter events and activities, check out our Easter Events post: metro-vancouver-easter-events-2023/

Chez Christophe Chocolaterie

This year we are pleased to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. To commemorate this special year, we have a 10th anniversary Easter Egg, 5 of which will include a golden ticket inside. This golden ticket will include a prize of a group chocolate making class for 2 valued at $250 on a date to be announced at a later time.

Our other Easter Showpiece Eggs include “Fashionably Laid” black & gold or tri colour, “What Came First?” and “Galaxy Egg” all which are filled with a fun surprise. Our Easter chocolate collection is available for shipping across Canada (except our 10 year anniversary egg).

We also have 5 different kinds of our chocolate Easter Lollipops with 2 designs. (42% Milk Chocolate, 35% Caramelised White Chocolate and 63% Dark Chocolate.)

Introducing a new limited-edition dessert inspired by the flavour profile of Hot Cross Buns, is our “Hot Cross Cake” – rum raisin jam, Madelaine sponge, hazelnut crunch and cinnamon mousse. We are also introducing “Easter Cruffin” – orange namelaka, mini eggs (liquor and nut free). A popular treat returns with our “Bunny Butt” – Carrot cake, raspberry confit, dark chocolate cream cheese mousse on a hazelnut crumble base. This will be available on April 7th and 8th only.

Additionally, returning is our special Easter themed Travel Cake – “Carrot Cake” – carrot hazelnut cake, cinnamon ganache, glazed with dark chocolate and caramelized hazelnut pieces. The Travel Cake is available in-store only at both our locations. 

For more information: easter-showpiece-collection

Mink Chocolates

Spring is in the air, the garden is starting to bloom, and there’s another holiday on the horizon.

Observational analysis hypothesizes that an increase of auricular amputations of confectionary rabbits happens every spring. In layman’s terms, that means when it comes to chocolate bunnies, 59% of us eat the ears first. 

Easter 2023 is April 9. The rabbits are busy making eggs, and the chocolatiers have been busy concocting new flavours, so hop on over to any of the four Mink retail cafe locations, or make your selections here online.

  • Handpainted solid dark or milk chocolate bunny
  • Hand painted eggs filled with Biscoff ganache
  • Tiles filled with a green apple & lime ganache
  • A dozen hand painted eggs


A gift set of 5 dango skewers showcasing traditional Japanese flavours commonly seen in celebrations and festivals ($12):

  • Mitarashi Dango: grilled dango with sweet soy sauce glaze
  • Yomogi Dango with Anko: red bean paste
  • Shiro-an Dango: white bean paste
  • Isobe Dango: savoury dango wrapped in seaweed
  • Matcha-an Dango: rich matcha paste

For more information:

Grounds For Coffee

April 7 to 10: Easter Mini Bunnies

  • 8-pack of our OG cinnamon buns in miniature, topped with all natural multi-coloured pastel cream cheese frosting 

April 22 to 23: Cherry Buns Flash Sale

  • Our OG cinnamon buns topped with delicious cherry topping and cream cheese frosting

For more information:


Bunny’s Choice Gift Box: This limited-edition Bunny’s Choice Gift Box is filled with assorted chocolates chosen by everyone’s favourite furry friend, the Easter Bunny. So, if you’re looking for the perfect Easter gift idea, you can rest assured this assortment was chosen by the world’s biggest expert in all things Easter.

Easter Vegan Hawaiian Black Salt Caramels: Chewy vegan caramel, enrobed in either Vegan Mylk Chocolate or Vegan Dark Chocolate and then topped with Hawaiian Black Salt. Get your taste buds hoppin’ with our award-winning Vegan bestseller now with a new Easter-themed look.

Cracked Egg Gift Box: Make this Easter egg-stra special with this egg-shaped gift box that opens up to reveal delicious treats and a sheet of the cutest ever reusable Easter stickers!

For more information:


Easter Cube Mix: Our easter cube mix includes Mini fried eggs, Swedish jelly beans, Easter pastel marshmallows and Pastel mint chocolates.

Anton Berg Marzipan Eggs: Another lovely Easter sweet option are the Anton Berg Marzipan Eggs. These marzipan eggs with a chocolate coating are wrapped in a yummy candy shell.

For more information:


Cupcakes is a place where you find the comforts of freshly baked goods and take a moment to pause and enjoy. We celebrate sunny days, rainy days, Mondays, Birthdays, and everything else in between. Our focus starts with a perfectly made treat, but our care continues beyond. It’s about friendship, positivity and connection.

We offer cupcakes and cakes. Our products are fresh and handmade daily from scratch. We never use preservatives and additives. And, we source only the best local ingredients whenever possible. To keep things fun, we always create seasonal flavours to try!

For more information:

Sweethart Arrangements

Easter is a celebration of new beginnings, hope, and renewal. It’s a time to spend with family and friends, enjoy festive meals, and participate in traditions like egg hunting. We love seeing little kiddies face light up after filling their basket full of eggs. This year ditch the generic chocolate candy’s and order our limited edition assorted dessert box. 

Featured goodies include Mint Golden Bunny Smores Cookie, Dunkaroo Inspired Butter Cookies & Dip, Mini Egg Blondie Bar, Easter Nest Meringue Cookie, Oreo Mini Egg Toffee Bark and Salted Caramel Praline Chocolate Cake Bites. We offer mini individual size to medium boxes. The minis are ideal for easter hunt grand prizes or gifted as party favors. Custom and event orders are also available. 

For more information:

Don’t forget to check out our kids directory! We have a list of wonderful venues for birthday parties, birthday cakes, family photographers, local kids shop, Pediatric Dental Centre, Sleep Consultants, etc.

By admin, March 30, 2023
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