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Kids Pandemic Birthday Party Ideas

  • May 3, 2021
  • By admin

My daughter just turned 7 years old and we were excited to celebrate her birthday. Even though this is her second birthday during the pandemic, we were determined to make it as special as we could. I know many kids are still celebrating their birthday during the pandemic, so hopefully this post will give you some fun ideas.


We ordered cupcakes and a cake for my daughter’s virtual party. I love how Cupcakes individually packed each cupcake in a box, which made it easy to drop them off at her friends’ homes. The goal was to have the friends’ parents bring out the cupcakes when we brought out her cake so they could all sing Happy Birthday and eat cake together. #gifted

Loot bags

To accompany the cupcakes, we made little loot bags. My daughter and I had fun selecting the items and putting them into loot bags. Even though it’s a virtual party, having loot bags makes it’s a true party – virtual or not. For loot bags, I usually buy a little toy and add some treats like candies, crackers, and cookies. In the past, we’ve given small lego packs and craft packs. This year, we got Blume Petal Pets and the kids loved them.

little girl painting

Fairest Skye Parties and Castle

We had a virtual character paint party hosted by Fairest Skye Parties and Castle. The Ice Princess was their host and taught the kids how to paint a Panda Bear. The kids knew it was a painting party, but didn’t expect to see Elsa! She did an amazing job making my daughter feel special. She spent the first 15 minutes chatting with everyone, and teaching them a few hand gestures to go along with her singing. I love how she ask my daughter what her favourite song was. Once they dove into painting, during the breaks, she would sing songs and play games with them. One of their favourite parts that got a lot of smile was their treasure hunt. She would say a color and the kids will have to find something in their home that has the color and show it to everyone. After they finish painting, the kids showed their artwork one by one. At the end, we got her cake (the other kids got their cupcakes) and they sang Happy Birthday. We were also able to get a photo of everyone on the computer. Even though the kids couldn’t be physically together, everyone still had a wonderful time. Fairest Skye Parties and Castle did an amazing job to make sure her birthday was special. #gifted

Happy Birthday Video

Last year, we made a “Happy Birthday Video” of everyone saying a sweet Happy Birthday message to her. This takes a lot more planning as you want to give everyone more time to prepare – especially when there’s kids involved. We emailed her teachers, her kindergarten classmates, her cousins and her aunts & uncles. We gave them a two week timeline to email us a short video. We got a lot of video’s back and was able to compile a nice “Happy Birthday Video” for her. On her birthday, we told her many people wanted to say “Happy Birthday,” but because of the pandemic, they couldn’t. Even though they couldn’t be here, they sent us a video message to you. She loved the video and it became a sweet keepsake for her. Compiling the video sounds hard, but it is really easy if you just want to put something together simply. We used iMovie to put the clips together.


The kids love it when we decorate the house the night before their birthday. This year, we bought a “Sweets Theme Balloon Garland” and a “7” years old balloon from Ali Express. It does take a few weeks to receive the items, so I do recommend planning ahead. We also got poppers from Toys R Us – so when she opened her bedroom door, our son used the poppers to surprise her.

High Tea Party

On her actual birthday, we surprised her with an at-home tea party with Faubourg. We had flowers, tea cups and pretty paper plates that were perfect for the tea party. We ordered a high tea set for two and they came with their own disposable tea tower. You can also make everything yourself and preorder some little desserts. It was our first tea party at home and the kids loved it. They had their hot chocolate milk in the tea cups and got to try so many different savoury pastries and sweets. You can see our video here:

birthday cake

Cake from Cookievonster

We ordered a special cake that had all of her favourite cats from Cookievonster to surprise her. The surprise on her face was priceless and she loved the cookies & cake! I think any cake is special for your little one – it can be bought or homemade. Since this was her second pandemic birthday, we went all out with the cake.

Movie Night

One of my daughter’s favourite things to do on her birthday is to choose a movie to watch. Movie nights are a wonderful way to end the birthday night.

More Ideas!

We recently did an IG post for some creative ideas to celebrate her birthday and there were many wonderful suggestions:

  • “A car parade around her fave Disney theme, get friends involved” @buddycons
  • “We did zoom “sleep over” with sparks and it was super fun!” @streetstudiofamily
  • “I’m taking my girl to VanDusen.” @hello_city_mama
  • “Surprise her with a yard sign” @pixelpiephotography
  • “We did a spy mission with # clues to age (math, reading, arts, etc.) to find the surprise” @whambamam

Spy Mission (from @whambamam)

We had 8 missions:

  • Go thru the hall of lasers to find the next clue.
  • The kids (cousins came too cuz moms told them about it) had to complete the missions as a team
  • Shoot darts (magnet)
  • Open clue
  • Go to dining room and slide under chairs. Clue was taped underneath one
  • Build a tower with blocks, tumble tower for next clue
  • Go downstairs through the electric balloons (hung balloons upside down from ceiling) kinda like the jungle gym idea with the pile ons you walk through
  • Go play 3 games (shoot baskets, score a goal, etc) – clue in fridge. Make the clues tricky so they have to think
  • Final clue was finding the padlock key (pop all the balloons in the room)
  • Then last clue was inside the suitcase with a combination. Math problems.
  • Inside was gift (we had McCain cake)

Do it however you think your kids will have most fun!!

For more birthday parties ideas, entertainment and decorations rentals, check out our “Birthday Parties” directory page:

By admin, May 3, 2021
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