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Family-Friendly Food Guide in Victoria

  • October 26, 2020
  • By admin

Over the years, Victoria has become a foodie haven. There are so many great eats within walking distance no matter where you are.  It was hard not to be tempted to try everything. Below is a list of places we would recommend visiting when you’re in Victoria. They’re family friendly and yummy! We plan on sharing our list of dessert and coffee shop on our next post!

Jam Café (

Kids Menu: Yes

It’s true that there’s a Jam Café in Vancouver now, but the original Jam Café is from Victoria. We heard so many great things about it, but have never had the opportunity to try it. Since we were in Victoria during a weekday, we thought we’d try our luck in hopes that there might be a shorter line up – and there was! I knew they didn’t take reservations, so we were ready to wait in line. Luckily, we only waited for 5 minutes, but I can see how people could wait for a while during the weekend.

Our Lunch Order:

  • Passion Tea Lemonade – $5
  • Peach Iced Tea (sweetened) – $3.25
  • Old Fashioned Chocolate Milkshake Tins  – $6
  • Pulled Pork Pancakes – Full order $16 Half order – $13: A double stack layered with pulled pork & topped with maple BBQ glaze, jalapeno sour cream & pickled cabbage.
  • Special Peach Bacon French Toast – $15
  • Kids Pancakes with fruits
  • Kids Mac & Cheese

They had a kid’s menu, which was nice. I thought the food was delicious and extremely filling! I got a half order of Pulled Pork Pancakes and could barely finish it! The drinks came in huge glasses and were great. I was glad we shared our dishes as it gave us the opportunity to try a bit of everything. All our dishes were fresh and tasty. The kids also enjoyed their kid’s meals. Even though it was a full house, we were comfortably seated and the food came fairly quickly. There is a wait, so, depending on the date and time you go and how your kids are (in regards to waiting in line), you should plan ahead. I highly recommend checking this place out when you’re in Vancouver or Victoria.

Must try: Pulled Pork Pancakes – it was savory and had the best combination. I loved the Peach Tea Lemonade – it had the perfect sweetness and would be especially amazing on a warm summer day!

Fish & Chips – BC Halibut

Red Fish Blue Fish (

Red Fish Blue Fish is around the Victoria’s Inner Harbour on the wooden pier and it’s a nice spot especially during the summer months. Even though it was spring, we really wanted to drop by for dinner. We did go on one of the sunnier days, however, it was still a little chilly by the water. There were tons of seats on the pier and as you wait in line, there are lots of spaces for the kids to run around. We went around 6:30pm and we waited for half an hour. Fortunately, once you order, they make the food fairly quickly. I read some people have lined up for more than an hour – so plan ahead!

Our Dinner Order:

  • Fish & Chips – BC Halibut  – $23 two pc
  • Tacones – Albacore Tuna – Spicy Spot Prawn Mayo. Grilled medium-rare $12 for two:
  • Deep Fried Pickles $3
  • Chowder $6 bowl: Chipotle coconut and sweet corn with Pacific white fish confit

The kids devoured the BC Halibut so quickly; I think I only took a few bites, which was fine because I had the Albacore Tuna Tacones. They were a pretty good size and were yummy. I wasn’t too sure if I would like the Albacore Tuna Tacones, so I was pleasantly surprise how much I enjoyed it. My husband enjoyed the clam chowder. It was a little spicy, so the kids weren’t a fan, but my husband enjoyed the hint of spiciness. We all loved the deep fried pickles! I decided to order it last minute and I’m so happy I did! My child, who doesn’t like pickles, end up eating half of our order. They were fried to perfection.

Must try: Fish & Chip, Tacones – Albacore Tuna and Deep Fried Pickles

Uchida Eatery / Shokudo

Uchida Eatery / Shokudo

We found this adorable Japanese restaurant when we were at the Bug Zoo. Even though it’s quite small, the food was fresh and it gets quite busy pretty quickly. Luckily, they do take out. So if there’s no seat, you can always order food to bring back to the hotel or home. We went there right when they opened and we were able to get seats for four. So if you’re planning to try this restaurant, I recommend to go early to ensure seats. They are only open for lunch.

Our Lunch Order:

  • Negitoro Don – $10.50
  • Aburi Tako: Seared local octopus. Organic Kakina with ume, ponzu dressing, nori, egg tofu, organic kamatsuna – Daily Special $12.00
  • Organic Rice: $2.25
  • Chicken Chashu – 5.50
  • Hako Sushi (Salmon) Full Order – 6.50

They always have a list of daily special that changes every day! So it’s always nice to see what they have new. I did enjoy many of their dishes and will definitely come back!

Must try: Everything they had was fresh and tasty! I would recommend their usual Negitoro Don and Pressed Salmon

Pagliacci’s (

Kids Menu: Yes

When we are in Victoria, we always make an effort to visit Pagliacci’s. I think it’s a great family friendly restaurant, but similar to the restaurants listed, it gets busy and they do not take dinner reservations. So, expect to wait in line if you get there during the rush. Since we knew about this line up, we went for an early dinner with the kids.  Right when we sat down, the hostess asked if the kids would like complimentary drinks (they chose a Shirley temple!). They also gave the kids their kid’s menu, crayons, and paper to entertain themselves and fresh bread, which they enjoyed! The kids were all smiles and the night was off to a good start.

Our Dinner Order:

  • Sophia: Canadian Dungeness & Rock crab, baby shrimp & pine nuts

in a white wine cream sauce topped with smoked salmon on egg fettuccine – full order $20

  • Kids Pizza
  • Kids: Salmon and Penne with white sauce (requested)
  • Marble Cheese Cake – full order $8

The restaurant is quite cozy and the service is great. The food comes out quickly and they ensure everything is good. I thought the Sophia plate was a bit saucy, but the pasta tasted fresh. I actually loved my daughter’s dish more! The salmon was so moist and the penne was perfect! I loved how the kid’s menu wasn’t just the normal grilled cheese, mac & cheese, etc. It was quite exciting with actual food that adults would order too! My kids loved every bite. I must also mention their Marble Cheese Cake – it is a must try.  So remember to save room for dessert.

Must try: Salmon, Penne, and Marble Cheese Cake


Me: Red Fish Blue Fish – Tacones – Albacore Tuna

Husband: Jam – Peach Bacon French Toast

7 years old favorite: Red Fish Blue Fish – Fish & Chips

2.5 years old favorite: Pagliacci’s – Salmon and Penne

Most Memorable Moment: The kids being patient during the wait and to see their face light up when they taste the food – especially the ones they loved!

Tips: All the places listed don’t usually take reservation, so do plan ahead and try to go when it’s not peak hours. I suggest going half an hour earlier before peak hours.

By admin, October 26, 2020
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