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Best Playgrounds & Splash Pads in New Westminster and Burnaby

  • August 25, 2021
  • By admin

New Westminster and Burnaby Playgrounds – Written by Angie Lowis@angielowis

We love summer as there are tons of things to do and many outdoor pools, splash pads and wading pools are open. In this article, we are sharing our favorite Playgrounds and Splash Pads in New Westminster and Burnaby. Some of them are hidden gems and great to visit if you want to avoid a large crowd.

splash park

Grimston Park, New Westminster

The only wading pool located in New Westminster. It is open Monday to Friday 12-4pm, closed on weekends. This park is perfect for water play for little kids.

What is great about this park:

  • Playground with slide, spring riders, baby swings, slides, disk swing, spinner and many more.
  • Wading Pool 12-4 pm on weekdays. 
  • You can bring your own toys to the wading pool.
  • Sand Pit and Diggers
  • Free street parking
  • Public washrooms are available
  • Picnic tables are available and large areas for picnics.

Queens Park, New Westminster

We love this park because it is huge and has a shaded splash pad which is great for a very hot day. It also has a concession stand. 

What is great about this park:

  • Splash Pad is huge and shaded, easy to watch the kids as the splash pad is in the middle with lots of benches on the sides
  • It has 2 sections for the playground, a section for older kids and a section for younger kids. We love that the younger kids section is round so it is easier to watch the kids.
  • Section for older kids featuring treehouse, slides, swings, jungle gym and tire swings.
  • Section for younger kids featuring a firetruck, five diggers with sandbox, spring riders, see saw, monkey bar, climbing feature, baby swings and spinners.
  • Lots of picnic tables (covered and not covered), perfect for birthday parties
  • Food concession is available
  • Public washrooms are available
  • Lots of trees and shaded, perfect for very hot day
  • Rose Garden
  • Free parking
  • It used to have a free petting zoo. We cannot wait until it is open again.

New Westminster Pier Park

We love this new park as it is shaded so it is perfect for super hot days and the view is beautiful.

What is great about this park:

  • New Playground with rubber ground
  • Beautiful view
  • Amazing slide for 5-12 years old
  • Occasional Train passing by if your kids love trains
  • Public washrooms are available
  • Food concession stand is available
  • Shaded so it is perfect for super hot day

Parking is $2.50 per hour.

splash park

David Gray Park, Burnaby

We love this hidden gem in Burnaby, everytime we recommend this playground to other parents, they love it. We used to visit this park almost everyday.

What is great about this park:

  • Wading pool is gated and clean, open M-F 11:30-5:30 PM until August 27. Please note that your own toys are not allowed. They used to provide water toys pre-Covid. Right now, depending on the hours, water sprinklers will be turned on. 
  • Playground is shaded
  • Very quiet and hidden park because not a lot of people know about this park
  • Free street parking
  • It has separate and gated area for dogs so it is easier to watch the kids
  • Sand pit with artificial T-Rex fossil
  • It has big picnic tables, perfect for birthday party

However, please note that only a portable washroom is available.

splash park

Suncrest Park, Burnaby

Another hidden gem in Burnaby as it is not as busy as other popular parks in Burnaby.

What is great about this park:

  • Splash Pad is open 9 AM- 9 PM
  • The water features are also great for babies and toddlers
  • Fenced playground and many benches facing the splash pad area so it is easier to watch the kids.
  • Free parking
  • The playground is not big but great enough to bring the kids to play with the playground and water if you want to avoid a large crowd.
  • Playground features slides, tire swing, spring rides, monkey bars, baby and adult swings.

However, please note that only a portable washroom is available.


Edmonds Park, Burnaby

One of the popular parks in Burnaby. We like to go in the morning to avoid large crowds around 10 AM- 12 PM. This is one of my son’s favorite playgrounds because of the yellow slide.

What is great about this park:

  • Huge rubber playgrounds with variety of slides
  • Large splash pad area, open from 9 AM-9 PM
  • Next to Edmonds Community Centre
  • Free parking
  • Public washrooms are available
  • Sometimes there are free live music in August
  • Lots of slides and climbing features to keep your little ones entertained
  • There is also a section for younger kids with slides
  • Many picnic tables to watch the kids, also covered picnic tables, perfect for birthday parties.
  • There are also basketball court, tennis court and ping pong tables

Taylor Park, Burnaby

This is another quiet and hidden gem in Burnaby. If your kids love sand pits, they will love this park as it has a huge sand pit area. This park is pretty quiet and it has a nice trail, bike track and many more.

What is great about this park:

  • Quiet and hidden park in Burnaby
  • Free parking
  • Giant Sand Pit with two diggers
  • Benches are available
  • Grass area perfect for running
  • Nice trail for walking or running
  • Bike trail

Please note that there are no public washrooms available.

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Mom, Youtuber and Influencer based in Vancouver, BC.
She is very passionate about sharing Things to do in Vancouver, BC with your kids with other parents, sharing secret and hidden playgrounds all around Metro Vancouver, BC. 

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