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Victoria – Coffee & Dessert Guide

  • October 26, 2020
  • By admin

Victoria has become a well-known hot spot for coffee and dessert. There are many independent coffee shops that I wish I had more time to visit them all, however, we only had the opportunity to drop by Hey Happy Coffee. We were here years ago, so it was nice to try their coffee again.

Chocolate Malt Nitro & Turmeric Vanilla Cashew

Hey Happy Coffee (

Our Order:

Chocolate Malt Nitro – $4.25

Turmeric Vanilla Cashew – 5.25

Apple Fritter – $3.75

We decided to try something new and ordered the above drinks. They sounded so cool. I wasn’t a big fan of the Chocolate Malt Nitro as I found it to have quite a bitter after taste. My husband, on the other hand, enjoyed it. I really liked the Turmeric Vanilla Cashew because it was quite rich. It is a thicker drink that is enjoyable when you drink it warm. If you’re hungry for a snack, I recommend the Apple Fritter. My 7 years old loved it and devoured it so we only manage to get a few bites in.

Must try: Turmeric Vanilla Cashew, if you like richer, thicker drinks and the Apple Fritter

The Soda Shoppe

When we were walking around downtown, we passed by this adorable shop and had to go in and try their ice-cream float! The space has an old-fashioned look to it, but it’s small and only has stool seating. We ordered our drinks and than went to the connecting shop – Dog Gone, which had better seating for kids.

Our Order:

Black Cow Float – Dr. Pepper & Vanilla – $4.50

Rootbeer Milkshake – $4.95

You can definitely make these drinks at home, but when it’s warm outside and you want something sweet to drink, you’ll enjoy their floats. You have the option to get scooped ice cream in a cone as well.  The kids enjoyed their sugary drink, which they normally don’t get.

Must try: The floats. Even though you can make it at home, it’s always nice to get an ice cream float when you’re out!  

Chocolats Favoris

My friend recommended Chocolats Favoris as a must go place for the kids. When we stepped into the shop, we could see why kids would love it there. They have an adorable display of Easter chocolates; a creative list of chocolate milk shakes and a variety of different chocolate dips to go with your soft serve vanilla ice cream.

 Our Order:

Dipped ice-cream cones


They had so many different ice-cream sizes to choose from, but I recommend getting the smallest size because the ice cream can be quite filling once it is dipped with a thick coating of chocolate. The fun part about getting the ice cream is selecting your chocolate dip flavor! They have so many fun and classic flavors such as dark chocolate. Their milkshake is also a great option if you’re not a fan of ice cream. After your dessert, you can walk around the shop and bring home some delicious chocolates! The kids loved looking at all the chocolates and they’re all quite reasonably priced. We were happy to bring home a few bags of chocolates!

Must try: The ice-cream dip! It was just such a fun experience to select a chocolate dip flavor, but it does get pretty messy after the first bit!

Dutch Bakery & Diner (

Before leaving Victoria, we decided to stop by Dutch Bakery & Diner. They actually serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or you can buy baked goods to go. As we already ate, we bought baked goods to go.  I’ve read many positive reviews about the place, so we were excited to drop by before leaving.

Our Order:

Apple Strudel

Cherry Tart

Porcupine Chocolate

We enjoyed the pastries selected. There were so many different choices; it took us a while to decide. Our favorite was the Porcupine Chocolate, but they were all delicious. I would definitely go back for the pastries and try their breakfast or lunch meal! I heard they are good too!

Must try: Porcupine Chocolate – I never had them before and they’re so good! I’ll go back just for that! It was a memorable taste.


Me: Dutch Bakery & Diner – Porcupine Chocolate

Husband: Chocolats Favoris   – Milkshake

7 years old favorite: Hey Happy Coffee – Apple Fritter

2.5 years old favorite: Chocolats Favoris  – Chocolate Dip Ice-cream

Most Memorable Moment: Watching the kids eat their Chocolate Dip Ice-cream. They made such a mess, but they were so happy! 

Tips: I can see the places listed being quite busy during the summer time. I will definitely go back there after peak hours. Just to beat the line up. 

By admin, October 26, 2020
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