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Woodlands Collective – Sleep Consultants

  • June 27, 2022
  • By admin
woodlands collective logoWoodlands Collective
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: 604-710-6409
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Empowering parents through education and support. Everyone can have a happy and well-rested household.

Our approach to sleep is holistic. We work with infants and toddlers (ranging from newborns to children up to three years old). Together we will understand your current sleep situation. Provide you with the knowledge of and the science behind normal infant and child sleep. We support you to have the confidence to implement personalized and effective strategies for sustained sleep success. We will establish an ideal sleep environment, focus on nutrition, build secure attachment, and develop age-appropriate and consistent routines. Together we will decide on a settling technique that matches your child’s temperament whilst complimenting your parenting style. 

Frequently addressed sleep issues include: newborn settling techniques, routine support, overnight wakings, early wakings, sleep initiation, sleep regressions, sleep associations, catnapping, transition to independent sleeping, and toddler transition out of the crib. 

Local (Vancouver, BC) home consultations and worldwide phone consultations.

** If you are in British Columbia, services may be covered by your extended health benefits. Be sure to check with your provider for Registered Social Worker coverage.

By admin, June 27, 2022
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