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The Best Playgrounds in the North Shore

  • March 2, 2022
  • By admin

North Shore Playgrounds Written by Annie Novoa & Maris Lemba – North Shore Kids

Planning a family outing can be a bit of a struggle, more so if the kids’ ages vary quite a bit. You want to make sure you please everyone: from the toddlers to the older, more adventurous kids.

Luckily there are a few playgrounds on our beautiful North Shore where your entire family can have fun.  They have everything from baby swings to faster slides that even the adults will love – if they dare to try them!

Here’s our list of the top 5 playgrounds on the North Shore, which are sure to entertain the whole family – including you!

North Shore Playgrounds: Inter-River Park (aka Digger Park)

With 2 structures, plenty of swings, loads of trails, and a plethora of opportunities for forest play, this park is a ton of fun.  But the main stars are the “diggers,” which kids can use to move wood chips from one side to the other— just like real excavators! 

Digger Park is located: between a row of townhouses on Premier St. and the backlot of the DNV Fire Training centre. There are quite a few trails leading to it and one of them connects to Lynnmour School Playground, but the easiest way to find it will be to follow our GPS location (click on directions at the bottom of this description). The playground is at the edge of Digger Forest, and has plenty of green space.

North Shore Playgrounds: John Lawson Park

This park is a must on a nice sunny day.  There are wooden play structures right on the beach that offer the biggest and most fun sandbox on the North Shore.  But the fun does not stop there.  You can also find a spray park and a fantastic tree house to climb up into, plus a little choo-choo train.

John Lawson Park is located: at the foot of 17th Street at the waterfront.

kids playground

St. Andrew’s Park

This little park is a favourite amongst the locals as it is fully fenced-in and it provides lots of fun for all ages, without the worry of any little runaways.

St. Andrew Park is located: 211 11th St E, North Vancouver

Dudley Park

Our top favourite for toddlers and younger kids! With its miniature houses, it allows the kids to run around and explore structures more appropriate to their age.

Dudley Park is located: 2610 Newmarket Dr, North Vancouver


This is by far the top place to visit on the North Shore.  With everything from a skate park, zip lines, a baby-and-me swing and a sandbox to a trampoline and even a toboggan. Moodyville has it all!

Moodyville is located: North, 759 E 3rd St, North Vancouver

We are lucky to have over 50 playgrounds on the North Shore, and we are sure you will find a new favourite for the whole family.  See you out there! 

kids smiling with forrest backgroundAbout Annie Novoa & Maris Lemba
Annie and Maris are two local moms that created North Shore Kids, a website to help North and West Vancouver families and visitors more easily find info and tips on anything from playgrounds and kid-friendly hikes to playgroups, events, extracurriculars and camps. Together with their two boys they canvass their local community to share their experiences and adventures all over the North Shore.

FB: @nskidsbc
IG: @nskidsbc

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By admin, March 2, 2022
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