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Kids Favourite Books: Ages 6 – 8

  • February 23, 2022
  • By admin

Our daughter loves reading, but it took quite a while for her to enjoy reading herself. To encourage her to read more, we looked for books that she would be excited about. I thought we’d compile a short list of books she currently loves reading plus some that her friends have recommended.

We have also chatted with some talented authors. If you would like to read our interviews, click below:


The Princess in Black by by Shannon Hale (Author), Dean Hale (Author)

The Princess in Black books are really cute and funny – and a great introduction to chapter books! The illustrations are colourful and it talks about a girl that is a Princess, but also a heroine that saves the day.

piggie and elephant books

Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems

My daughter loves Mo Willems’ books. She was first introduced to Mo Willems, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” when she was a toddler as has always found them hilarious and fun to read. The Elephant and Piggie books are an easy read and great beginner books for kids. These books were a huge motivator for her to learn how to read, and we’d definitely recommend these books for beginner readers. Even though she can now read Chapter books, she loves going back to her Elephant and Piggie books. They’re just great books to read for all ages.


Dogman by Dav Pilkey

My kids love reading Dogman. I first got them for my oldest son and now my daughter reads them. It’s a popular series among the kids because of its funny character that tries to do good. It has a positive message that is done in an entertaining way. It’s a fun read.



We love Scholastic’s Branches line! They have many different types of chapter books for emerging readers. We were first introduced to them by my daughter’s teacher and she loves them. Her favourite Branch line is Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott. Owl Diaries is about the life of a little Owl named Eva. The book talks about school, friendship, and learning from your mistakes. The drawings are also adorable and captivating.

Other books we like from the line:

  • Unicorn Diaries by Rebecca Elliott
  • Diary of a Pug by Kyla May
  • Dragon Masters by Tracey West
  • Once Upon a Fairy Tale by Anna Staniszewski

Heartwood Hotel by by Kallie George and Stephanie Graegin

My friend recommended this book series to us as her daughter reads these and loves it. It’s about a little mouse named Mona who stumbles into a hotel called Heartwood Hotel. The story follows her along as she works in the hotels as a maid. It’s a story about friendship and community. We haven’t read these books yet, but it sounds like something my daughter would like. I’ll likely buy, “A True Home” for her to read. From the reviews, it sounds like this is a bit harder than her other books, which will be a good transition for her to more advanced chapter books.

By admin, February 23, 2022
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