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DIY Memory Box

  • July 20, 2021
  • By admin
DIY Memory Box

With all the kids report cards, art works, certificates, pictures, etc., it’s hard to keep everything in order – things always get mixed up and misplaced. I knew I needed a better system and came across these memory boxes on Instagram. It was perfect to store their report cards, school work and other certificates. Recently, we purchased a Cricut, so this would be a great first project. Here are my steps on how we made our memory box!


  1. Research on Instagram and Etsy to get inspiration and ideas on how I want my memory box to look like.

2. We ordered our materials at Staples:

We chose Legal Size for the file folders because the kids art work are bigger than letter size. Letter size file folders also fits in the plastic box.

3. We used Cricut to create the name and labels. If you do not have a Cricut Machine, you can use a printer to make the labels. For the name, you can use a printer, cut the name individually and tape it or use Vinyl paper and print the name with the printer. Etsy also sells customized names on Vinyl Sheets.

4. Labels

You can tailor the labels to your kids. These are the labels I used.

0 to 2 yearsGrade 3Grade 8Other
MontessoriGrade 4Grade 9Memories
KindergartenGrade 5Grade 10
Grade 1Grade 6Grade 11
Grade 2Grade 7Grade 12

5. Once everything is printed and cut, you can assemble everything together. I got my kids to help me out with this process and they enjoyed looking at some of their old work.

The memory box is easy to make, but the cost does add up. To make two boxes, I spent $101.53. I do like how the dividers organizes everything, plus the kids were excited to put their work in the dividers. Hope this post was helpful and gives you an idea on how to make your own memory box.

By admin, July 20, 2021
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